Welcome to Soft Soles

A dynamic holistic foot care company that provides medical and holistic nursing foot care to everyone. When you call Soft Soles for nursing care. you know that you will receive individual packages of one-time use sterile tools, the best practices in infection control, and a holistic approach to care by a professional and knowledgeable nurse.
  • Care

    Soft Soles' primary mission is to provide quality comprehensive foot care to individuals across Ontario.

  • Practice

    Soft Soles strive to help aspiring foot care nurses start their career through education, support, and mentoring.

  • Compassion

    Meet a Soft Soles nurse, share some laughter, gain some information, and invest in your health.

Services Provided:

Best Practices, Best Equipments

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  • Lower Limb Assessment ; Vascular assessment

  • Neuropathic Treatments, Nursing interventions

  • Nail Clipping ; Callus and Corn relief

  • Fungal Nail Treatments

  • Gait and Foot Wear

  • Involuted Nails ; Ingrown Nails

  • Filament Testing ; Diabetic Foot Health

  • Padding and Strapping ; Offloading

Learn, Discover and Become a Foot Care Nurse

Our goals are to empower one another to provide the kind of care your patients deserve. You will have access to everything you need to give exceptional, compassionate care. Soft Soles provides advice and education, above and beyond a casual health assessment.